Radiology Services

Pershing Health System may be a small, regional care facility, but its Radiology Department offers some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available for health maintenance and diagnosis.

Under the direction of Daniel Bartlett, Director of Radiology and Laboratory Services, patients at Pershing Health System have access to the same radiology equipment as large urban hospitals. PHS’s nine radiologists are board certified in pediatrics, neurology, musculoskeletal, and breast imaging. Patients at PHS get the same readings that they would get at a large hospital such as Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri. This not only allows for the highest quality imaging available, but fast turnaround times for patients to get their results – often the same day.


Featuring State of the Art Radiology Equipment:

3D Mammography

Our hospital is one of the first in Missouri to offer the SmartCurve breast stabilization system, which is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality. Click here to read more about the 3D Mammography machine.

Pershing Health Systems (PHS) encourages you to be proactive with your breast health. Early detection, screening and diagnosis have been proven to significantly improve patient survival rates and quality of life, as well as to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of treatment. Watch Sheryl Crow’s video on her journey with breast cancer at PHS has The Genius™ 3D Mammography™ System by Hologic® that Sheryl is talking about! No doctor order is needed. Call 660-258-1119 today!

CT Scanning

At Pershing Health System, noisy and uncomfortable CT scans are in the past. We utilize the latest technology in CT Scanning that is much quieter and more comfortable.
Click here to read more about the CT Scanning machine.

DXA Body Composition Assessment

Osteoporosis is a growing healthcare crisis affecting millions of women and men worldwide. 77% of American women with osteoporosis are undiagnosed (and therefore untreated). Fortunately, osteoporosis is detectable and treatable and testing is safe and non-invasive.
Click here to read more about the DXA Body Composition Assessment machine.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic imaging technique that combines a powerful magnetic field with computer technology to produce exquisitely detailed images of your body’s soft tissue (organs, muscles, fat). Click here to read more about MRIs.


Our GE Logiq E9 is GE’s premium flagship radiology ultrasound system has extraordinary image quality in all applications across all body types.
Click here to read more about Ultrasound machine.


Our Samsung GM 85 Portable XRAY machine takes images without moving the patient from the bed. It delivers high-quality digital images so physicians can clearly see what is going on in the body. Click here to read more about our X-ray machine.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine lets us look at your internal organs and how they are working. We use it to diagnose and treat disease. Click here to read more about Nuclear Medicine.