Emergency Room

You never know when an emergency may happen, but you can count on us to provide you with quality emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Knowing what to expect during your visit to the emergency room may help put you more at ease. Our physicians and staff stand ready to provide care around the clock.

The Emergency Department (ED) at Pershing Health System is staffed by trained nurses and physician staffing is provided by Missouri Physician Partners. Through our partnership with Missouri Physician Partners (an emergency medicine group), we staff highly qualified, board-certified physicians in our Emergency Department (ED) 24/7.

When you arrive at our ED, a nurse will examine you and determine how serious the medical condition is.  The nurse and physician will classify your medical condition as:

  • Emergent- having a life-threatening illness or injury
  • Urgent- a stable condition, but needing help as quickly as possible
  • Non-urgent- a stable condition requiring minimal treatment and medical attention

What to Expect?

Patients are seen in the ED in order of medical priority and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please be prepared to provide pertinent information about your medical history:

  • Current medication list
  • Allergies
  • Summary of your past illnesses and injuries
  •  Past surgeries

Having this information readily available greatly assists our medical team in making informed decisions regarding your treatment.

Your Care Matters!

We value our patient’s feedback.

Located in the Emergency Department waiting area is the PHS Comment Box. We value what patients have to say as it will help guide us with future PHS services.

We would like to share collected comments from PHS Emergency Room patients:
“The doctor was good and the nursing staff was top notch. We got there before shift change and all 4 nurses were fantastic.”

“Dr. Gregory was great.”

“Received fast service and staff was efficient and courteous.”

“Our visit was short and sweet. Excellent service all around.”

“Some of the nicest people I know, very kind and ready to help. I was very happy with each of them and hope only the best for all.”

“Dr. Fox and staff were great for what I needed that day.”

“Nursing staff were personable and put me at ease. Dr. explained what he needed to do to treat me, did a great job. I am happy with all personnel I encountered.”

“Even the doctor got me another blanket.”

“Staff and Dr. were amazing! No complaints.”