Nutritional Services

Good nutrition plays a significant role in the healing process. Pershing Hospital’s Nutritional Services takes its role in helping patients heal very seriously.

Basic diets for various recovery needs are readily available. Many kinds of therapy require extra nutritional needs for the patient to complete their regimen. Nutritional Services communicates with the other departments, doctors, and nurses at the hospital providing interdisciplinary care for patients ensuring their nutritional status is adequate required for their recovery.

The Registered Dietitian (RD) works with the kitchen ensuring state guidelines for nutrition, portions, and menu item requirements are followed. The RD facilitates communication between patients and the kitchen and assists in explaining to patients their nutritional needs, and in assisting them so they can recover.

“We receive a lot of compliments on the food we serve,” says Pam Brown, Registered Dietitian.  “Quality food that is palatable and cooked well gives the patient an incentive to eat and ultimately heal. We make a lot of our dishes from scratch using our own recipes as much as possible. We’re pretty proud of that.”

For questions or more information about Pershing Health System’s Nutritional Services, call 660-258-1195.