In-patient & Swing Bed Care


At Pershing Health System (PHS), you will receive compassionate, personalized care from providers you know and trust. We strive to ensure positive patient and visitor experiences and take pride not just in caring for you, but also in caring about you.

PHS provides quality, compassionate care with a friendly, family atmosphere. Our staff strives to make your time with us as pleasant as possible.

If at any time during your stay with us if you have any questions, please let us know and we will find the answer for you. Thank you for choosing Pershing Health System for your healthcare needs. We are proud to serve you!

PHS Hospitalist Program

Karla Clubine, CEO of Pershing Health System (PHS) in Brookfield announced the launch of their new Hospitalist program starting in September, 2023. PHS is partnering with the Rural Physician’s Group (RPG) who will be providing Hopsitalist (In-patient Specialist) to PHS. Clubine explains, “Hospitalists are physicians who reside in the hospital and specialize in the care of patients during hospitalization. This new program will be a tremendous asset to our community as we will be able to keep more patients local with high quality, continuity of care.”  She continues to say that “RPG specializes in helping rural health facilities and understands the needs of the small communities in which they serve.” READ MORE…

Swing Bed Program

Sometimes a patient needs a little more time to recover before going home, but no longer requires acute hospital care. Pershing Health System’s Swing Bed Program allows patients to “swing” from acute hospital care, yet remain in a hospital setting receiving the skilled nursing and rehabilitation care needed to recover and gain the strength to return home.

Some types of patients in Pershing Health System’s Swing Bed Program could be:

  •         Recovering from a stroke, cardiac or respiratory illnesses, or other medical conditions
  •         Have wounds that can’t be treated at home or in an outpatient setting
  •         Skilled nursing
  •         Physical therapy
  •         Respiratory therapy
  •         IV therapy
  •         Recovering from joint replacement or other types of surgery

Since each individual is unique, treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s needs and recovery goals. Whatever a patient’s individual needs may be, the staff at Pershing Health System is here to help take that positive step back to good health! For questions about Pershing Health System’s Swing Bed Program, please call 660-258-2222.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I qualify?

Medicare requires that the patient need “skilled nursing care”. In addition to a physician referral, you will need to have been in an acute care hospital for at least three consecutive nights within the last 30 days before being transferred to the Swing Bed program. You will also have to meet the conditions of having a qualifying rehabilitative medical condition. If you have been discharged from a hospital, but are having difficulties recovering, you can still be admitted into the program. If your hospitalization was at another facility, you can be transferred to Pershing Health System for your Swing Bed care.

How long can I stay in the Swing Bed program?

Pershing Health System can provide up to 100 days of skilled nursing to any Medicare patient with a qualifying need for services once they have met the three-midnight post-acute care admission requirements.

Is swing bed care covered by my insurance?

The Swing Bed program is often covered by Medicare. Some commercial insurance plans are also beginning to cover Swing Bed. You will have to call your insurance and see if your commercial plan offers this coverage and if there are any limitations.