Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program to strengthen the heart and improve cardiovascular health. Patients needing cardiac rehabilitation have experienced a heart attack, chest pain, heart failure, stent placement, or other heart surgery.

Pershing Health System’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Department works closely with your physician to create a program that helps with high blood pressure, diabetes, and the effects of smoking. Patients receive progressive exercise and educational resources that enable and equip them to make wise decisions concerning their future health.

Some of the equipment used to treat cardiovascular disease in our Cardiac Rehab Department is two treadmills, a NuStep, a Seated Elliptical, and an Arm Ergometer. Patients are hooked up to a telemetry monitor during exercise. Vitals are taken before and during each exercise session. Patients are encouraged to increase their intensity and duration of exercise as tolerated throughout the program.

After completing their treatment program in Cardiac Rehab, patients are encouraged to continue exercising on their own doing something they like such as walking, joining the YMCA, or using home equipment. The goal is to keep moving to increase the heart rate.

Nutritional Services coordinates with Cardiac Rehabilitation in assisting patients with their dietary needs and questions to enhance their cardiac recovery. Nutritional information can be printed out and sent home with patients giving them a resource to refer to as they recover at home.

A referral from a cardiologist is required for treatment in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program. There are specific qualifying diagnoses and medical procedures that may qualify you for the program.

For more information or questions please call the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at 660-258-1274.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is also available. The Cardiac Rehabilitation and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs are essentially the same. Patients needing Pulmonary Rehabilitation services require an order from their Pulmonologist. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the most common diagnosis requiring Pulmonary Rehabilitation.



How many sessions of cardiac rehabilitation will I get?

Insurance typically pays for 36 sessions. Patients are encouraged to check with their insurance for specific information on how much they will pay.