JoAnn Bunten

For a frame of reference, I had extensive surgery on my left foot at Boone Hospital. The day after returning home from surgery I fell and broke my wrist.  I was taken to the Pershing ER and then spent six weeks recovering in a swing bed there.

I honestly could not ask for a better-personalized care experience than what I received during my time at Pershing Memorial Hospital.

The ER staff was very attentive, very kind, and went out of their way to address all of my concerns. Dr. Knowles and Irene Parsonson answered every one of my questions to the best of their ability and gave me tips for what to expect in the healing process. Each and every nurse was outstanding.

The meals were an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. I had better food there than I’ve had in some restaurants, and the portions were more than I eat at home. In fact, the dietary counselor came in on my third day there to find out why I was sending back about half of my food the first couple of days. When she asked if I didn’t care for the food, I had to explain to her that I thought the food was delicious but it was just more than I’m used to eating. She very kindly, but very firmly, explained that I needed to eat more food than I’m used to because the body needs more calories during the healing process. By the time the six weeks were up I was cleaning my plate. I really appreciate her taking the time to explain to me the benefits of overeating (now that’s a phrase you almost never hear!).  In addition to the good food, the kitchen staff started writing nice little notes on my menus, and for several weeks we exchanged morning pleasantries. The little notes each morning brightened my day.

Joe Smith, the hospital chaplain, prayed with my husband and I daily. Sometimes Joe and I just sat and talked. His presence was very comforting.

The personal interaction between patients and caregivers at Pershing Health System makes a stay there as pleasant as possible. At Pershing, you’re a human being rather than a medical case.

I’m so glad this hospital is part of our community.

JoAnn Bunten