PHS recognizes Radiology Technologist Week all month long!

The first X-Rays were invented in 1895 and used to investigate skeleton and lung organs. This was the birth of X-Rays and the beginning of what we now call Medical Imaging. It consists of X-Ray (Radiology), Cat Scan, Mammography and Dexa which use a form of radiation to expose the human body. Over the years technology has allowed the radiation dose to be significantly reduced and of little to no harm to the patient. Which makes this the best tool for physicians to help diagnose their patients. Ultrasound uses sound wave and MRI is a large magnet all designed to give you many options for diagnosing and treating your issues.

Did you know that all our Technologist are registered in their modality? They’ve had years of college education; and they are board registered in their chosen modality. They are qualified to give you the best care with quality images to help diagnose and guide you in your care.

Here at Pershing, we offer state-of-the-art equipment in X-Ray, Cat Scan, Mammography, Dexa, Ultrasound and SOON we will have our new in-house MRI unit. Pershing has just as much to offer as any big hospital with great care from our Imaging Team that give quality images in a timely manner. There is no need to go anywhere else for your care. When your physician suggests that you need Imaging tell them you want to stay local and choose Pershing for your quality care. We look forward to serving you! ~ Jodi Baldwin, R.T. (R), Director of Imaging