Rhonda Brown is a Registered Nurse in the Medical-Surgical unit and has been with Pershing Health System for nine years. When asked what she likes best about her position at Pershing, she stated “I like meeting all the different people as patients. I am a people person and I enjoy caring for my patients and getting to know them.” In her free time Rhonda enjoys spending time with family, her “fur-family”, and friends.

Other questions we asked:

Describe one of your heroes?
I would consider my parents and sister to be my heroes.  My parents for working so hard to provide for our family when I was growing up – it seemed we never needed or wanted for anything.  My sister was one of my heroes because her entire life she was chronically ill but never let that stop her from doing the things she wanted to in life, persevering until she achieved her goals.

What do you want people to know about PHS?
I want people to know about the wide variety of services that PHS offers. In addition to our med-surg floor, emergency room and clinics, we also have a wide variety of outpatient clinics that include cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, orthopedics, podiatry services, sleep diagnostics and more. Our radiology and lab departments have the latest in testing equipment. We have so much to offer!