Brenda Allen
Rural Health Clinic LPN

Brenda works in the Rural Health Clinics and has been with Pershing Health System for 10 years. When asked what she would like people to know about PHS, Brenda says, “We are here as employees to strive to work our motto of ‘let the people who care about you care for you’. We do care for our community and surrounding area. Patients are important to keep our hospital up and running to continue caring for patients in this area.”

Other questions we asked her:

What do you like best about your position at Pershing?
Taking care of patients, getting to know them and their family, trying to make a positive impact.

Describe one of your heroes:
My mother – she is one of the most selfless people, she leads by example, being a nurse herself made me want to be like her!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Swim and be with my grand kids